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Success Story

Wendell School District

A Transition to GoClaim Leads to A Substantial Increase in Reimbursements

The Wendell School District’s steadfast commitment revolves around forging a nurturing and thriving educational landscape not only for the town of Wendell but also its surrounding communities. Guided by the visionary principle of “Educating and Empowering all students through Wendell P.R.I.D.E,” the district places paramount importance on instilling core values such as Persistence, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence in their students. Within the halls of their schools, it is firmly believed that every student deserves access to these invaluable opportunities including students with special needs.

Success Story

Deer Valley School District

Annual Medicaid Reimbursements Increase by 170% with Go Solutions

DVUSD faced the challenge of maximizing Medicaid reimbursement and providing comprehensive services to non-special education students eligible for Medicaid. The district sought efficient ways to identify gaps in billing, ensure complete parental consent, and track individual services to enhance reimbursement opportunities while facing the complexities of service provision and documentation. Go Solutions provided a comprehensive solution to manage Medicaid billing, offering a dashboard that identified billing gaps, categorized unsigned parental consents, and tracked individual service data, empowering staff with crucial insights to perform their roles effectively.

Special Education Software
Success Story

Buckeye School District

Medicaid Reimbursements and Reporting Made Easy

“Go Solutions helps ensure all staff have the knowledge and guidance they need to excel at their jobs, especially when it comes to Medicaid reimbursement. The software itself is a 10 out of 10 for me and, to be honest, I can not imagine using anything else. Every month we get an email from Go Solutions to let us know our billing is completed and a run-down of all of our providers — who have billed and who have not. This allows my medical clerk to stay on top of those who haven’t billed yet so we don’t miss out on any reimbursements.” 

Dave Lopez, Director of Special Programs at Buckeye School District 

”I have worked with other Medicaid FFS companies but Go-Solutions is my first choice for customer support that is dependable, accurate, efficient and effective. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
— Susan Kirkland, Douglasville, GA
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