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Our goal is to help your staff by making their job easier when it comes to billing, paperwork, IEPs and much more. We’re ready to do the heavy lifting so your staff have more time to devote to the students who need them most. Our system is set up in a way to track each individual service and provide you with data that gives you the insights you need to make your job easier. Our easy to use system lets users monitor and track student progress across tiers, grade, school and subject. Let’s all come together to help our students and children get the care that they need.

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GoClaim can interface with many IEP and SIS solutions providing the option to import select data elements. Where interfaces aren’t used, a user-friendly design makes GoClaim an efficient solution for all users.

You can reach out to our helpdesk via email at and a staff member can point you in the right direction. Additionally, if you know your state’s Account Manager, you can contact them directly.

GoClaim features point-and-click data entry for quick and easy documentation of services. Not only can your providers enter individual services quickly and easily, they also have the option to submit for an entire group all at once, saving the district and its staff both time and money! The system is accessible, meaning that anywhere your providers have access to the internet, they can access the system.

GoClaim can also be customized based on your district’s needs, all while maintaining compliance with federal and state regulations. We pride ourselves with the ease of the system, and routinely provide system updates based on user recommendations and feedback.

We acknowledge that it is difficult for districts and their providers to have a one method fits all solution when it comes to training.  At Go Solutions, we provide a variety of training resources, so that districts/providers can choose the method, resource, dates, and times that work best for them. 

Global trainings are held at least once and if needed we add more sessions to accommodate need.  Users can register through our website resource event page.  You will receive a Teams meeting link as well as training materials a couple of days before the scheduled training.  Training dates and times are also included in the monthly Quick Tips newsletter.

Training Resources available:

  • Provider trainings virtually via Teams, or on-site visits
  • Administrator training modules
  • Step-by-step guide to navigating GoClaim for district administrators
  • Provider guide to GoClaim
  • Tip sheets
  • Webinars
  • Training videos with voice and closed captioning
  • Help desk and dedicated account manager

We use a 12-step onboarding process and implementation checklist.  Your dedicated account manager will guide you through each step. The implementation time varies depending on how fast the needed information is received from the district, allowing us to move forward with the set-up process.  Typically, it takes 2-3 weeks.  Documentation of services can occur once the district is set-up, students are imported and providers are set-up with logins and trained.  Claims can be submitted once the district is approved by the state agency for claim submission.

We are committed to ensuring data integrity and student privacy. Your district staff and parents can rest assured that Go Solutions software is the right choice for you with end-to-end data encryption, highly trained staff, continuous code reviews, and constant system enhancements. Our GoClaim software is compliant with HIPAA security and electronic transmission specifications. 

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