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Optimizing School Medicaid Reimbursements and Student Support

School Medicaid Reimbursement

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Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD) in Arizona commits to improving opportunities for staff and students in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, and nearby areas. The district aims to provide equal opportunities for everyone. This includes ensuring that all individuals have access to the resources and support they need to succeed.

DVUSD is one of the larger school districts in the state, covering 367 square miles. They offer great educational opportunities for all students, especially through Student Support Services.

"Being one of the largest districts in the state, I am really proud to say we are the number one school district in Arizona for achievement. As the Director of Student Support Services, I wear a lot of hats. A lot of the compliance, tracking, and auditing sits on my shoulders. Working with Go Solutions helps ensure we are compliant and that we aren't missing out on any opportunities to bill."

The Challenge

Maximizing School Medicaid reimbursements for eligible students

Deer Valley Schools faced the challenge of maximizing school Medicaid reimbursements and providing comprehensive health services to non-special education students eligible for Medicaid. The district wanted to improve their billing process, ensure parental consent, and accurately track Medicaid covered services in order to increase revenue. They faced challenges because of the complexity of service provisions and documentation guidelines.

The Solution

Using Go Solutions to increase reimbursements for covered services provided to all Medicaid students

Go Solutions, dedicated to optimizing student success and community impact, introduced innovative IEP and Medicaid software to DVUSD. The GoClaim software helps manage Medicaid billing by identifying billing gaps, categorizing unsigned parental consents, and tracking service data. It gives staff important insights to do their jobs well.

Additionally, Go Solutions changed its training to virtual sessions in response to COVID-19, which proved to be extremely successful. The district’s staff, such as speech therapists and physical therapists, received specialized training specific to their job. This training helps them stay informed and skilled in using the system effectively within the school setting.

"We really benefit from the trainings, especially during COVID it evolved into virtual trainings and they worked really well. Go Solutions staff are willing to do multiple trainings with each department such as speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and more. The system we have in place with the trainings works really well to ensure our staff is always caught up."

The Results

Medicaid reimbursements soared to new heights after implementing Go Solutions

School Medicaid reimbursements soared to new heights after implementing Go Solutions

DVUSD has seen a dramatic increase in school Medicaid reimbursements since implementing Go Solutions. The ongoing rise in reimbursements demonstrates the district’s successful transition and efficient utilization of the GoClaim platform.

School Medicaid Reimbursement

170% Increase in annual Medicaid reimbursements.

"The interaction with the dashboard will identify providers that haven't billed for a period of time and this information helps us catch any reimbursement gaps that may not otherwise be filled. Additionally, it identifies and categorizes things like parental consent that still need to be signed on. The way the system tracks each individual service and provides us with that data gives me the insights i need to do my job."

The partnership between DVUSD and Go Solutions yielded excellent outcomes. Dr. Melissa McCusker, Director of Student Support Services at DVUSD, acknowledged the exceptional support provided by Go Solutions’ staff. She highlighted how important the software was in getting the district ready for the Open Care initiative from Arizona. The software helped find billing gaps and gave important data for making decisions.

"A Go Solutions staff member met with us regularly to prepare us for Open Care as soon as it was announced by the state of AZ. With Go Solutions by our side we have the knowledge and guidance to take full advantage of this opportunity and expand reimbursement for services provided to non-special education students who are Medicaid eligible."

DVUSD staff stayed current with software through consistent training during the pandemic, ensuring smooth integration into their workflow. Collaboration between the district and Go Solutions staff led to increased funding from Medicaid. It also enhanced school based services for students eligible for Medicaid. Additionally, it demonstrated DVUSD’s commitment to continuous improvement and quality education for all.

"Our overall experience working with Go Solutions has been excellent and I would attribute that to all their staff."

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