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A Transition to GoClaim Leads to A Substantial Increase in Reimbursements for Wendell School District

About Wendell






That are Medicaid Eligible with a Billable Service


The Wendell School District’s steadfast commitment revolves around forging a nurturing and thriving educational landscape not only for the town of Wendell but also its surrounding communities. Guided by the visionary principle of “Educating and Empowering all students through Wendell P.R.I.D.E,” the district places paramount importance on instilling core values such as Persistence, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence in their students. Within the halls of their schools, it is firmly believed that every student deserves access to these invaluable opportunities including students with special needs.

"As the Programs Director in the Wendell School District, my primary focus is empowering students to succeed. Wearing multiple hats, one of my crucial tasks involves navigating the intricacies of Medicaid billing, a process that can be quite time-consuming. With the GoClaim platform from Go Solutions, I've found a powerful ally that streamlines this task, allowing me to devote more time and energy to our students' growth and development."

The Transition

Transforming Medicaid Billing: by transitioning to GoClaim

"Transitioning to GoClaim brought significant improvements to our Medicaid billing process. In the years spent with our previous billing software, we faced challenges. However, since switching to GoClaim, we've not only seen enhancements in reimbursements but also a more streamlined and efficient overall process."

Challenges Prior to making the switch to GoClaim

Reimbursement Issues – Under their previous biller, Wendell School District had difficulties in accurately and promptly receiving reimbursements for services provided, impacting the school district’s financial health and funding.

Limited Time and Resources Staff time and resources were limited, and the challenges in Medicaid billing were exacerbating their workload.


By making the switch to GoClaim, Wendell School district was impacted in a way that allowed them to optimize their Medicaid reimbursements all while maintaining compliance. The monthly reports help Becca Wills keep track of service providers and ensure everyone is billing correctly. This is especially important given her numerous responsibilities as the district’s Program’s Director. Additionally, working with Go Solutions has helped Becca navigate the Department of Health and Welfare and match fund details, ensuring compliance and maximized funding.

Furthermore, Becca has been able to elevate the Medicaid billing process for Wendell School District through strategic monthly meetings with her GoClaim Account Manager. Other added benefits within GoClaim allow Becca to highlight any missed parent consents and deactivate non-active students. The home page offers a comprehensive summary of key data points. The GoClaim Account Manager provides Becca with an analysis on service providers and their submitted SDRs so Becca can quickly identify who’s providing services, who needs to catch up on billing, and ensure a seamless coordination between the paras, the teachers, and herself.

"Exceptional customer support from the responsive Go Solutions staff has been a definite strength for us. The instant feedback on Medicaid billing is crucial in my line of work, and Go Solutions consistently delivers. They go above and beyond, ensuring our district's needs are met in a timely manner."


Wendell School District has had a steady increase in total reimbursements over the last three school years. Overall, the consistent increase in reimbursements reflects positively on the district’s efforts to make the switch and leverage the GoClaim platform effectively.

With GoClaim, Wendell School District saw reimbursements soar.

35% Increase in annual reimbursements.

"Go Solutions staff consistently go above and beyond for our district. Their timely and dedicated responses make working with them a seamless experience. We rate our overall experience a perfect 10 out of 10; they've been exceptional."

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