Case Study: Marietta City Schools

Optimizing Reimbursements for Medicaid Eligible Students

Medicaid Eligible Students

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n 2008, Marietta City Schools (MCS) became one of Georgia’s first Charter Systems. Today, the system includes 11 schools and remains focused on its mission of working with families and the community to prepare each student to maximize career, college, and life opportunities.

With a diverse student population, the MCS Special Education Department is committed to providing “a free, appropriate public education, in the least restrictive environment, to each student with a disability in an effort to prepare the student for post-secondary education and/or employment and independent living.”

School-based services play a crucial role in ensuring students receive necessary healthcare within the educational setting. Through the Medicaid program and state plan, MCS offers Medicaid-covered services to students enrolled, including those outlined in their individualized education program (IEP).

"I have been working for Marietta City Schools for eight years as the Medicaid Coordinator. My job encompasses tasks such as sending out Plans of Care to obtain physician signatures, financial reporting among other duties. Go Solutions is such an amazing tool and easy to navigate. I’m able search for students who are Medicaid eligible, confirm parental consent, all by searching with the students’ last name. Additionally, having access to necessary reports is a great plus!"


Being Audit Ready – Deanna oversees quarterly and annual financial tasks, including audits. She utilizes Go Solutions for effective record-keeping. She also uses it to verify the accuracy of submitted claims, ensuring preparedness for audits.

24/7 Support – Deanna praised the availability of Go Solutions staff. She highlighted their prompt response to inquiries via phone or email. She commends their dedication to resolving any issues efficiently, demonstrating their commitment to customer service

Training – Deanna appreciates the personalized training provided to all Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and themselves. She found it beneficial to have direct access to a Customer Success Manager for any further inquiries or assistance needed after the initial training session.

Optimizing Reimbursements – With Go Solutions’ reporting feature, Deanna can quickly identify any outstanding students who may be eligible for Medicaid reimbursement but lack parental consent within her caseloads. By utilizing this feature, she can generate reports and distribute them to all therapists, promoting organizational efficiency and keeping everyone on track with Medicaid coverage requirements.

Go Solutions Helps Marietta City Schools Prepare For Free Care

Free Care Nursing Services now enable local education agencies and school districts to receive reimbursement for nursing services. Besides services outlined in IEPs/IFSPs, reimbursement is possible if services are prescribed and provided as part of other medical plans of care, contingent on established medical necessity. This policy change, implemented in the fall of 2021, expands reimbursement opportunities for educators in Georgia by accessing federal funds for healthcare services in the school setting.

"We signed up for Free Care in December and are on track to implement it at the start of 2023. We are very excited about getting started! There has been a lot to learn about Free Care and billing additional nursing services. Our top priority is making sure nothing falls through the cracks and that the billing is taken care of properly, we feel very luck that our Customer Success Manager is always ready to help guide us!"

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