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Our user-friendly online IEP software is specifically designed to save staff time when writing IEPs, and our built-in compliance checks ensure documents are filled out properly and on time. The information from the IEP flows directly into our integrated Medicaid reimbursement module to save time and reduce errors caused by duplicate data entry.

Online IEP
Customizable suite of software products for school districts

What Can GoIDEA Do For You?

Go Solutions’ customizable online IEP and Special Education software is a powerful, time-saving solution that caters to your school district’s needs. Its core module, GoIDEA (formerly OASYS WAVES), was designed specifically to manage web-based Special Education IEPs and to increase staff productivity by automating the IEP process. Working seamlessly with your Student Information System, GoIDEA helps ensure your documents are always created with the most accurate and current information.

But for even more robust functionality, Go Solutions offers add-on modules like Section 504 Management, Staff Projections, RTI/PBIS Tracking, and our newly-enhanced module, EL. EL identifies and tracks English Learners through a comprehensive Individualized Learning Plan form. It covers scores and goals for students, all while ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

With Go Solutions, we make light work out of the heavy-lifting in IEP and Special Education processing!

Special Education data management system

Start With GoIDEA, Then Add on Modules to Create Your Districts Custom Solution

Section 504 Management

The Section 504 Management System includes accommodation plans, customizable forms, reports, and an easy-to-use data management system to help your district track Section 504 students.

Staff Projections

The Staff Projections reports allow you to view the total number of staff that needs to be allocated to a specific caseload. This add-on feature can help your district determine where staff are needed for the upcoming school year as students move from building to building.

RTI / PBIS / MTSS Program

The RtI program is a data collection and management system for monitoring students requiring academic and/or behavioral interventions. This easy to use system can make the process of tracking, organizing and utilizing data simple and cost effective.

English Learner- EL

EL is a web-based module which effortlessly identifies and tracks English learners. The system helps ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.  

Digital Signatures Feature

Obtain Parental Consent on IEPs More Efficiently

Digital signatures with GoIDEA is an option that lets you capture electronic signatures for an online IEP, helping your school cut costs and reduce the amount of time you spend processing paperwork. Send parents or guardians documents to sign electronically using nothing more than their finger and a smart phone or other electronic device. For split households, choose to send the same form to each household for multiple signatures. As parents or guardians sign the documents, parental consent automatically updates in the system — no additional user input needed! Administration, teachers, and staff can use GoIDEA reports to track both the submissions and their status. This tool is designed to help streamline operations across your departments and keep documents and information secure. This feature helps facilitate remote working and virtual schooling, too!

Features of GoIDEA™

Here's What You'll Get...

Staff Email Notifications

With this feature, daily or weekly email notifications are automatically generated to staff with information that has been updated in GoIDEA. Staff don’t have to log into the system to see their upcoming events, an email will come to their inbox, allowing them to review their upcoming events. 

Progress Monitoring Tools

Staff only have to enter progress monitoring data points, and our system does the rest! A graph is generated to document student progress from baseline to goal, showing their trend line compared to the trajectory needed to meet the target. Excellent information to share with parents and students alike!

Class Lists

GoIDEA has comprehensive class lists in the system for all staff to use. Any staff member can run their own class list and see the students they provide services for. This can be run for current, projected, extended school year and historical services. You can also use the class list to export the data to Excel, allowing you to create mailing labels with your list of students.

Progress Reports Summary & Graph

Looking for that big picture view of how students with IEPs are doing in your district, and if they’ve met their IEP goals? GoIDEA can summarize information from all students’ review of annual goals, generating a report and graph showing the percentage of students that met their IEP goals within the designated timeframe. 

Evaluations with Primary & Secondary Disabilities

This report allows you to see how many students went through the evaluation process during the timeframe you set. It will break up the students into total evaluations, initial evaluations, and reevaluations. The report also shows you which students did qualify for an area of disability and which students did not. The report breaks it down using the secondary disabilities that are selected in the evaluation process. 

Student Transfers

GoIDEA provides the facility to send and receive student special education records between GoIDEA districts. The process occurs overnight. To facilitate forms from districts not using GoIDEA, PDFs can be loaded and stored. Our districts really appreciate having access to their students’ electronic special education records, and not having to start from scratch!

IEPs at a Glance

The IEP at a Glance provides a high-level overview of a student’s goals, services, and supports. It promotes communication & shared understanding among all staff who work with the student- special ed and regular ed alike- in an easily digestible format.

Student Pictures

Remembering who all this paperwork is about is crucial! Keep each student’s face right in front of you by having GoIDEA import their school pictures into the database for display on your dashboard, and in other areas, such as the Family Friendly IEP.

Custom Forms

GoIDEA can be your partner in developing custom forms to meet the needs of your district, saving staff time and money that could be spent making an impact with students. Common requests for district specific custom forms include FBAs and BIPs.

Ready to increase staff productivity by automating the IEP process with time-saving tools and techniques?

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