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Ways to Optimize Medicaid Reimbursements

Add All Students Into Your Demographic Database

Make sure you add all students — not just current Medicaid-eligible students — to your student demographic database to verify continued Medicaid eligibility. Why? Because 1.) student Medicaid eligibility can fluctuate and 2.) additional state plan amendments can change which services are billable. In both situations, services are retroactive back to the effective date. But by including only the students who were eligible in the past, you may be missing out on new students or services that are eligible now. By including all students, it gives you the widest opportunity to optimize Medicaid reimbursement for the district.

Enter All Services Provided for All Students, Not Just Medicaid-Eligible Ones

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to document every service provided for every student, not only for auditing purposes but for billing, too. What’s the old phrase: “If it’s not written up, it didn’t happen”? And while this documentation might take a little more time on the front end, it can save you a lot of auditing pain and reimbursement losses on the back end. Don’t forget to document services for non-Medicaid-eligible students as well as your verified, eligible students. A student can go in and out of eligibility, so by documenting everything, you’ll always have the information you need, when you need it.

Ensure All Your Service Providers Are Enrolled and Licensed Without Lapse

Lapses in licenses or enrollment in the Medicaid program can create all sorts of turmoil and delays for your documented provider services and the associated Medicaid billing. That’s why it’s important to make sure all of your school’s providers keep their licenses and enrollments up-to-date. A provider’s failure to recertify could potentially require them to go through the re-enrollment process, and that can cause even more delays and more lost reimbursements, ultimately disrupting and affecting the number of service days a school can bill for.

Streamline Your Process With Technology

Technology can be a game changer when it comes to optimizing Medicaid reimbursements. Time-saving features can make it easier for providers to enter services while reports and dashboards can highlight areas of opportunity to administrators and your Medicaid billing team.

How GoCLAIM™ Helps

Choose Success, Choose GoClaim

The world of Medicaid provides school districts with the opportunity to access additional funds by submitting claims for services their school district provides to students. At a first glance, Medicaid billing can seem like a daunting task, one that will consume staff time and take away from teaching hours. Go Solutions is here to help you understand the process from start to finish, answer all of your Medicaid related questions at any time, and provide you with the tools needed to make this a quick and easy task to check off your list. With GoClaim, your district’s Medicaid program will be a success!

optimize medicaid reimbursements
Get To Know Go Solutions

Our user-friendly IEP software is specifically designed to save staff time when writing IEPs, and our built-in compliance checks ensure documents are filled out properly and on time. The information from the IEP flows directly into our integrated Medicaid reimbursement module to save time and reduce errors caused by duplicate data entry. 

optimize medicaid reimbursements
GoClaim Product Guide

Getting reimbursed for the services your school district provides is easy with GoClaim. This resource provides you with all the key features our system has to offer.

Smart and streamlined Medicaid billing means more funding for your school!

Let's optimize Medicaid reimbursements together!

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