Case Study: Glynn County Schools

Less Paperwork, a Streamlined Medicaid Reimbursement Process

Medicaid reimbursement process

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That are Medicaid Eligible with a Billable Service


Glynn County Schools aim to provide a safe place for learning and creative teaching. The teachers and staff ensure academic success by working with parents and students. They provide them with all the information, resources, and care services that they may need.

Educators at Glynn County work to meet every students needs regardless of their education level or disability. “Our students deserve the opportunity to reach their maximum potential and it is our responsibility to help them. We must provide students with experiences that will lead to success,” said Dr. Pam McKinnon, Director of Special Education Services & Supports at Glynn.

Get to Know Our Interviewee

Name: Kelly Roberts
Position: Medicaid Clerk
Length of time at Glynn: 15 years
Main job duties:

  • Gaining consent to bill Medicaid
  • Making social security records request
  • Maintaining the summary performance (SOP) transition contact sheet
  • Managing assistive technology at check in and check out


A Piling Paper Trail

Within Glynn County Schools, managing Medicaid reimbursement presented a daunting challenge because of the piling amount of paperwork. As Medicaid recipients within the school system sought reimbursement for healthcare services, navigating the intricacies of the Medicaid program was crucial. All of the paperwork and the need to tackle various Medicaid plans, including managed care and fee-for-service models, multiplied the administrative burden.

"Prior to Go Solutions, there were a ton of binders and the District kept all of the papers that contained any information. The staff at the time constantly had to refer back to the paper trail, especially if there was an upcoming audit."

The Solution

With no proper system in place, Glynn County made the move and implemented Go Solutions award-winning GoClaim™ module. The service documentation software, streamlines the Medicaid reimbursement process. It delivers real-time special education data. Additionally, it helps Glynn County Schools make faster and better informed decisions.

Success Starts With Training

"Glenelle [Go Solutions’ Customer Success Manager] gave me the all necessities through an initial in-person training. It was easy, and she always answers when I call, which is a great thing!"

Glynn County has been using Go Solutions for 10 years

Progress by Numbers

medicaid reimbursement process

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