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Marshall Public School District, nestled in the rural town of Marshall, Wisconsin, takes pride in its intimate setting, which facilitates smaller class sizes and allows for more individualized attention per student. In adherence to special education laws, the district ensures that every student with a disability receives the necessary supports and services outlined in their Individualized Education Program (IEP).

The law requires school districts like Marshall to develop IEPs within specified calendar days, outlining annual goals and supplementary aids and services tailored to meet each student’s unique needs. This commitment reflects the district’s dedication to providing a free appropriate public education to all individuals, in accordance with the Disabilities Education Act.

At Marshall, parents can play an extremely involved role in their child’s education from beginning to end. School personnel at Marshall work with each student in a way that best fits the child’s individual needs. Through the IEP process, “the student’s special education team works together with the family to ensure the child receives the necessary special education services“ to meet his or her unique needs.

Get to Know Our Interviewee

Name: Andrea Bertone
Position: Special Education Director
Background information: Andrea previously used GoIDEA™ (formerly known as OASYS) while working as a Speech Therapist and Program Support Teacher at Madison Metropolitan School District. She currently uses GoIDEA in her recent role as a Special Education Director at Marshall.

"I don't see our district ever using anything other than GoIDEA. The staff have been so responsive even when it hasn't been an issue with their system, I have received help from the GoIDEA staff on topics like what to say to DPI in certain situations. I am sold on this system! I loved using it in Madison and I am so happy to be using it here at Marshall."


On Demand Support – Andrea, a Special Education (SPED) Director, emphasizes the importance of efficiency in her role. She says she’s extremely busy and appreciates swift help from Go Solutions when she needs it. Andrea likes how quickly Go Solutions staff respond to her emails or tickets. It helps her get the information she needs without having to search through online manuals.

Form Consistency – Andrea emphasizes the significant advantage of GoIDEA’s feature where forms adjust automatically to changes in DPI. This ensures compliance, particularly beneficial during audits. She appreciates the ease and consistency this brings across different districts, emphasizing its overall benefit.

Constant Innovation– Andrea reflects on the continuous improvements she has observed in the system over the past five years. She mentions that even small adjustments, such as those made to the linking form, have resulted in significant time savings for her staff.

"Getting the support I need when I need it is invaluable to me. I couldn't be happier with Go Solutions!"

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