Case Study: Camas County School District

A small school district with a big solution for Special Education Medicaid billing

Special Education Medicaid billing

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Located in a rural town in Idaho, Camas County School District (CCSD) prides itself on its motto “the biggest little school.” Striving to become the best school in the state of Idaho, Camas County School District works hard to develop the highest possible level of academic excellence so that all of their students can continue to grow. In partnership with students, families, and their surrounding community, CCSD creates an exciting environment that makes learning fun and engaging.


Jamie Niedrich started in her position as a remote Speech Language Pathologist at CCSD roughly two years ago. Originally working pen to paper, filling out forms with treatment notes, minutes, dates, and types of therapy for each student who had received school based services, Jamie was struggling with efficiency.

These challenges were slowing down staff and taking away from time that could be spent with students in a more meaningful way. The team at CCSD understood the importance of an electronic Medicaid reimbursement platform that would not only streamline this challenging process for them, but optimize reimbursements as well.

"As an SLP, my work days are fast-paced and demanding. I love working with students, but I do not love paperwork. I was spending HOURS filling out students’ identifying information, checking boxes, double checking minutes and re-saving PDF files each time I added a treatment note. It was inefficient and tedious, but required."

CCSD Pain Points

  • Inefficient documentation process for school based health services
  • Poor organization made it difficult to refer to previous documentation
  • Reduced communication during collaborative services (when two providers work with the same student)
  • Lots of unnecessary steps in the current Special Education Medicaid billing process

The Approach – An All in One Solution

The Special Education Director made the call to implement a system that would help solve the CCSD staffs’ biggest pain points. Go Solutions GoClaim™ module now serves as CCSD’s service documentation software. It streamlines the Medicaid reimbursement process, delivers real time special education staff utilization data, and helps CCSD staff make faster and better informed decisions.


Streamlined Processes Became a Billing Game-Changer

"Using Go Solutions has been such a game changer in efficiency. I’m not involved in the entire billing process, but I know this software has cut out so many steps which has resulted in greater accuracy and productivity. My favorite part is that it keeps everything organized!"

Holistic Provider Notes Improve the Educational Experience for Students with Disabilities

“GoClaim has been very helpful with the documentation process. For example, there is one student at the school who receives speech services four times a week. I work with the student for two days and then another SLP works with her on the alternate days. The best part is that I can enter my notes (point of service) and then the other SLP can pick up where I left off."

Training Plus Documentation Form a Winning Combo

"As soon as we started using Go Solutions, I was put in contact with one of their staff members. She was very responsive and set up a time for both speech pathologists to meet with her. She tailored the training to our field of speech therapy by demonstrating accurate billing codes and applicable treatment note templates. It was so nice to be instructed by a REAL and helpful person, instead of clicking through redundant modules. She provided us with additional training materials, but I’ve only referred to them a few times because our initial training was so effective and GoClaim is user-friendly.”

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