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Introducing Go Solutions’ standalone Section 504 software. Crafted to address schools’ Section 504 challenges while supporting students with disabilities, simplifying compliance and enhancing support for all learners.

What Is Section 504?

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a law in the United States. It guarantees individuals with disabilities in public elementary and secondary schools a free appropriate public education. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability and applies to programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance.

Students with disabilities who struggle with daily activities can receive assistance for their education under Section 504. This assistance is available to students in both regular and special classes. The OCR ensures that public schools comply with Section 504. This law guarantees equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their disabilities.

Monitor 504 Students

We designed our software to help school districts monitor students covered by section 504 as they move between buildings. If your district needs assistance with this, we can tailor our software to meet your specific needs.

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Federally Compliant 504 Forms For School

We provide 504 forms for schools that follow federal rules. We also offer form checks to help staff find mistakes in their documents.

Reporting Features

Our 504 product offers various reports to help educators plan events and handle caseloads for students with disabilities. These reports assist in organizing upcoming events. They also aid in managing caseloads for students with disabilities. It provides the tools needed to effectively meet Section 504 requirements.

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Empowering Section 504 Management and Custom Features

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Custom Forms

Tailor our 504 platform to your district's specific needs with our custom forms feature. We can seamlessly implement your district's 504 forms, ensuring consistency and alignment with your established processes.

Comprehensive Student History

The 504 platform tracks each student's 504 accommodations and evaluations. This gives educators important information about past decisions. It also helps them make informed choices for upcoming plans.

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Reminders and Alerts

Stay on top of important dates with our 504 reminders and alerts feature to avoid missing deadlines. Educators and staff will receive notifications well in advance for upcoming accommodation plans and reevaluation meetings.

Using 504 to Maximize Open Care Reimbursements

Open Care is a new program available in certain states that helps schools better support students with different needs. It allows schools get money from Medicaid for services they provide to students. It covers those who are enrolled in Medicaid, even if they don’t have an IEP.

This means students with Section 504 plans can qualify too. With Open Care, schools can get money back for services they’ve already given. These funds can be used to hire more special education staff or improve programs for students with behavioral challenges.

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